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Child custody

Whether you're involved in a dispute about child support payments or you need to establish support payment for your children, you can count on the Law Offices Of Ann C Addison Wageman PC LLO for all of your family law representation needs. We work hard to protect your interests during this difficult time for you.

Helping you resolve your child support case

  • Child support mediation

  • Child support payment modifications

  • Child custody disputes

We represent your interests:

We've been providing assertive and caring legal representation in family law and criminal law cases for almost 25 years. We are a small family-owned and operated firm that gives clients the one-on-one attention and experience that other firms can't provide. We build relationships with our clients in order to deliver the best legal advice and representation for their specific case.

25 years of experience in family law

You have rights — we'll help you protect them! Get what you're entitled to receive under the law!

Let us help you with your child custody case — call us for a consultation today!

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