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If you've been arrested for DUI or DWI, you need to call an experienced attorney who can protect your rights and your interests while working toward a beneficial outcome for you. You need the aggressive and thorough representation that Law Offices Of Ann C Addison Wageman PC LLO has been providing to clients for almost 25 years. We also handle DWR (driving while revoked) cases.

Protect your rights in your DUI or DWI case

If you are arrested for DUI or DWI and refuse a blood test, you may face additional penalties and consequences.

We are a small family-owned and operated law firm dedicated to give you assertive and caring legal representation with a focus on personal attention that you won't find at other larger firms.

A small firm that gives you big representation

DWI stands for "driving while intoxicated" and pertains to operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol. DUI stands for "driving under the influence" and pertains to drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs. DWI is the more serious charge because it denotes that the driver had a higher level of impairment in operating a motor vehicle. In either a DUI or DWI case, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to defend your interests and fight for your rights.

What is the difference between DUI and DWI?

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